Stone Town City Tour

Route: Palace of Wonders - Old Fort - Old Hospital - Museum Palace of Zanzibar Princess - Cathedral of Archbishop Edward Steere - St. Joseph's Catholic Cathedral - Forodhani Gardens

Stone Town is the capital of the entire Zanzibar archipelago. The town's pristine color has been protected. Take a trip through the city and you will be taken to another world full of street markets, narrow streets, and unique landscapes.

Even if you are a huge fan of beaches and the ocean, this will be a terrific addition to your Zanzibar holiday.

During this tour, you will observe the everyday life of local people, and see ancient buildings, admire the beauty of the Forodhani gardens and enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean. Also, you will visit the iconic place of Stone Town. That is the house, where the legendary Freddie Mercury was born and lived for eight years!

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