Jozani Forest Tour

Location: Jozani Tropical Forest
Important information: For our Jozani Forest Tour, we recommend you to wear comfortable closed shoes or sneakers, comfortable clothes and a hat.

Jozani Forest is one of the most unique places in the world, where Red Colobus monkeys
are comfortable to live and reproduce. There are over 6000 red colobus monkeys living in Jozani forest now.
Zanzibar Government is supporting and helping these endangered species by preserving the rainforest.
With the help of the local guide, you will have an excellent opportunity to observe these rare monkeys, to get really close to them and watch them play with each other.
You will not only learn about Zanzibar's animals and plants, but you will also be able to take some stunning photographs. Those who are a little tired of the beach and want to walk in the shadows of tropical palm trees will especially like Jozani Forest.
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